Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sale now on at Horizon Flash Memory

We have just started a massive sale at Horizon Flash Memory. If you are looking for SD cards, look no further as we have slashed 27% off the price of our 4GB SD card - from £15.01 to just £10.99!

We have massive savings on our huge 8GB SD card down from £27.62 to just £22.99 a 17% saving . That is unbelievable value for such a large amount of storage space.

You can also save £2 on our 1GB CompactFlash card, which means you can now pick one up for less than a fiver!

MicroSD cards are also down, we've taken £1.50 off our 512MB microSD card, now priced just £2.99!

There are even greater reductions on our largest capacity microSD card - the 2GB microSD card has 21% off - now just £5.99!

In our miniSD card department we have also dropped prices. The 1GB miniSD cards are also down - saving 33% - just £4.99 each!

xD cards for Olympus or Fuji digital cameras are our No.1 bestseller so a sale wouldn't be a sale without knocking down the price there too. Our 1GB Olympus xD Picture Card is now just £7.99!

If you're not sure whether your camera is compatible please visit the Horizon Flash Memory website to see if your digital camera can accept our xD picture cards.

N.B. All prices exclude VAT and postage.


  • [...]is there any way i can get ready boost on an external hard drive? I'm using a 1 gig flash drive and i don't think I'm getting the max amount of RAM possible... its only putting out 920 MB[...]

    By Anonymous battery, At 9:24 AM  

  • Hello battery,

    It isn't possible to have ready boost on an external drive, only on a Vista laptop or PC.But you can use an external flash drive for ready boost on your PC or laptop.

    You can use an external USB memory stick or even flash cards in Vista to get the extra RAM. When you plug your device in it should get you the option to use the device to boost system performance and let you select just how much of the device you wish to use for ready boost.

    It normal for a 1 gig flash card to be a bit less than the stated capacity and this is due to the way that the manufacturers work out the capacity. They do so using the largest possible method, which is different to how Windows works it out, meaning that a 30GB hard disk is only really 28GB.

    With flash drives part of the space is also taken up by the file system, so 920MB on a 1Gig flash drive sounds about right.

    By Blogger Horizon Web Development, At 1:00 PM  

  • I should also add that the data used in Ready Boost is encrypted and compressed to about a 2.1 ratio. In other words you'll get nearly 2GBs of data of your 1GB card when using it for ready boost.

    By Blogger Horizon Web Development, At 1:03 PM  

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