Saturday, September 23, 2006

Web 2.0

With Web 2.0 Content is now King and its no longer enough to have a great looking flashy site, users want more. They want to be able to interact, add thoughts and comments and view more interesting content.

The popularity of social networking sites and video sites such as Google Video and YouTube have shown the new direction that the web is taking. But what does this mean for business web sites?

My advice to businesses is the same as it has always been, keep the site design and layout simple and easy to navigate but most importantly ensure that you have content that not only do people want to read but that's interesting enough to bring that back to read more. To achieve this you need to vary your content regularly, ideally once a day but at least once a week.

Of course there are those business that may not have the interesting content to add to their site regularly, particularly those whose services remain pretty much the same. That's where blogs, RSS feeds and interactive content come in. Blogs and RSS feeds allow you to cover the latest developments and items of interest in your industry.

If you're completely stuck for content or something of interest, there's a great site:

Where you can find hundreds of videos, cartoons and much more which you are free to use on your site, as it is all now in the public domain. Like the the Superman episode below for instance.